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Published: March 3, 2012 is taking the trade deadline very seriously, and if you’re not with us, then you are against us!

Look, I don’t mean to come off as a snob or an elitist, but I take trade proposals very seriously and I don’t think it should be something that just anybody can do. Now I know the internet is supposed to be a place that celebrates free speech and gives us all a voice, yada, yada, yada- but sometimes only the educated should get a chance to speak, and this is one of those times damn it!

The NBA trade deadline is my Christmas, and I am tired of people throwing broken toys under the tree. I see trades that make no sense for the Hornets, and even more that are completely moronic for the other team. I see people propose trades with no regard for any of the CBA rules, and I come across even more trades that fly in the face of everything we know about how teams are built. I am tired of it, and it is not okay anymore. I am demanding that people become certified to make trade proposals, and just happens to be the only place that can issue you a federally recognized license. All you need to do is answer the questions below and send them to:

If you pass, you will get an official license. If not, perhaps an NFL trade proposal certification is more your speed. The test is not timed, but we are on the honor system- No going to other sites to look up answers to these questions. You either know it or you don’t. Good luck to all of you, the test begins…. now!

1.) What is a trade exception and how long does a team have to use it?

2.) Team A has a 28 year-old center who has 3 years and 32 million dollars on his contract. He is rarely injured and averages 11 points and 9 rebounds a game on 51% shooting. Team B is offering bad players with expiring contracts and a 2019 2nd round pick in exchange for Team A’s center. Under what conditions would Team A say yes? Under what conditions would they say No?

3.) Who won the Carl Landry for Marcus Thornton trade and why?

4.) Do you believe that other teams will trade their best player to your team for crap just because “He wants out and they don’t want to lose him for nothing!”?

5.) When thinking about the trade from the other teams’ perspective do you..

a.) Make sure the salary matches up

b) Check on salary and that teams’ needs

c) Consider what the other 28 teams around the league could offer as well

d) All of the Above

e) None of the Above

6. Who says no to the following trades and why? Can choose more than one party to say no. (50 word maximum answer for each)

Trade 1: Hornets send Okafor, Minny pick and Jack to Boston for J. O’Neal and Rondo

Trade 2: Hawks send Joe Johnson, Kirk Hinrich, and Marvin Williams to Boston for Ray Allen and KG

Trade 3: Lakers send Luke Walton and two 1st round picks to Hornets for Emeka Okafor and Jarrett Jack

Trade 4: OKC trade Cole Aldrich and Thabo Sefolosha for Michael Beasley

7. Finally, in 250 words or less please tell us why you want to be certified and what you would do with this power should you be granted permission to wield it.


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