Former Hornets/Pacers Crush the Current Hornets

Published: March 3, 2012

Darren Collison and David West both had nice games as the Hornets were crushed by the Pacers in front of a mostly packed house.


There won’t be any player grades today as I honestly have better things to do than stick around to recap the yellow team losing by 30, and I can’t get the recap generator to do anything until the game is over. I blame those hideous jerseys for tonight’s loss, btw.

It was over when- The Hornets fell apart at the end of the first half, allowing the Pacers to go on a 21-4 run, capped by a Collison prayer as the buzzer expired.

It was really over when– Sorry, but that really did end it.

Seriously, that wasn’t it. It was over when–  You really don’t listen, do you? It was over in the first half.

That was… Ugly: Seriously, what was with that close to the second quarter? It’s like everyone thought it was the early fourth.

That was… “Pathetic”: The guy who took part in the 7-up challenge should be flat out embarrassed. Why did you participate, taking the spot from someone who might have actually tried, when you obviously didn’t care at all? We, as fans, should have booed him as soon as he missed a layup and slowly walked over to get it. FYI– I tried to get into one of those contests for YEARS when I was a STH to no avail. Honestly I’m still trying. That’s the only thing I want for all my leftover Lagniappe Points. Hook it up, Hornets. I’ll hustle my ass off.

That was… “worth watching”: Not much was worth talking about on the court, but the French Quarter Fliers put on a pretty damn fine acrobatic display in between the third and fourth quarter. That double front flip was particularly sweet. True story– I really wish I could do that stuff.

MVP: Solomon Jones put forth a really nice effort again for the Bees, especially in the first half. He was one of the few positives on the court tonight.

Former Hornets Darren Collison and David West really took it to their former team early on.

LVP: Aminu looked atrocious out there today. I’ll delve into what’s wrong with his game sometime early this coming week, but he’s really struggling to do anything except rebound and take up space.

Andrew will post some pics and maybe a vid of the post game press conference, but that’s it for me. Have a nice weekend, and don’t forget about the watch party next Saturday!


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