Doing Dealer Dell: Volume 2

Published: March 3, 2012

In our second Doing Dealer Dell, we examine current rumors as well as who’s calling the Hornets General Manager…

It’s been a week since we last checked in with Dealer Dell Demps. There hasn’t been any concrete news but a lot of rumblings from all corners of the country.

Rondo is being shopped, Dwight Howard is kind of in Brooklyn and Ramon Sessions is sitting by the Lake with Michael Beasley.

More speculation, but more fun I say!

In today’s edition we’ll further assess what and who is calling our Dealer. Also, what’s happened with our assets since none of them were in the All-Star game?

The Dealer is on the phone, let’s take his call.

The Rodeo Rondo

It’s been a wild week for Rajon Rondo behind closed doors. Seemingly every single news outlet is putting him on the trading block, but his GM is not. “He’s our best player, he’s the most important part of our future,” said Ainge. “There’s no way we’re actively trying to trade Rondo. That makes no sense, no logical sense.”

So he’s not on the block, even if Mr. and Mrs. Sources (Hat-Tip to Joe Gerrity) is spewing it to every NBA insider.

This hasn’t stopped Hornets fans from trying to get their greasy paws all over the All-Star point-guard. I myself proposed two trades last week in which the Hornets would receive Rondo.

The fact remains that the Celtics are at a crossroads. If they want to win it all now (at least attempt to), they have to make a trade whether that involves Rondo or not. If they look to rebuild Rondo should be part of their plans.

I can’t for the life of me envision a situation where the Hornets get Rondo and still keep Gordon and their own first round pick. I had a decent shot last week but even I was hesitant to pull the trigger (for other teams, not the Hornets).

So let’s keep an eye on Boston, even if they’re putting up a poker face only Lady Gaga could rival.

March The First

Since we last convened March 1st has come and gone. This is significant on an ownership front, but also on a trade front. Now, the Dealer has more assets to play with.

Carl Landry, Greivis Vasquez, Al-Farouq Aminu and others can now be part of a multiple-player trade. This gives Demps flexibility when packaging something.

This may be key when a Chris Kaman trade heads into its final stages. While the asking price for Kaman has “come down,” it still remains to be seen what exactly Dell wants. Our best guess is a combination of youthful players, a first round pick or expiring contracts (which Kaman is…uhh…).

None the less it would be prudent of Demps to do something, anything really. He hasn’t really helped his cause by making the availability of Kaman known from the most informed NBA insider to my half eaten pizza.

Of all the teams in the league the likelihood that the Hornets make some trade increase with every day. Some organisation is going to feel like they could use Kaman for a playoff run and perhaps their medium-run future.

Let’s sit patiently as we take some calls…

On the Dial

Stock Watch

Since we last sat down and analysed our assets we’ve had an All-Star break as well as a few good games here and there.

It appears that most things remain the same, except for a couple of things…

Trade of the Day

Ok guys, here’s a trade for you… Now I’m not sure if I like it, but it’s something that someone threw at me, so let’s see if you like it…

The Blazers want to get rid of Gerald Wallace and his 2 years of $9 million. The Hornets give the Blazers Ariza but I feel like they might need a bit more. Could it be adjusted by throwing in Jarrett Jack and Aminu for an addition of Raymond Felton and his expiring? Could look like this…

The Hornets get a chance at a lottery pick (if the Blazers miss the playoffs which they’re just on the cusp of). If not they get a later first round pick which they could package with the Minnesota pick to move up a little. Every asset helps.

Tell us what you think!

Also don’t forget to submit trade ideas that you have for the upcoming podcast. Send your email to Michael at, or me at

So we leave it there… Demps is working hard and calling people about the Garage Sale he’s having. New Owners are just around the corner, so let’s see what happens.


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