Game On: Raptors @ Hornets (With Live Game Chat)

Published: February 29, 2012

The Hornets take on the Raptors tonight after a tough loss yesterday to the Bulls.


Here’s what I know pre-press conference–

1. The Hornets are targeting this weekend as a return date for Smith and Okafor.

2. Kaman’s name continues to come up in trade takes, and Brossard said today that the Hornets would possibly deal him for just a second rounder. What? That would totally suck.

Kaman will almost certainly be moved. New Orleans has no use for him and simply wants to get something — even if it’s just a second-round draft pick — for him, according to sources. A month ago, when the Hornets told Kaman to stay home and wait to be traded, they were asking for a young player, a draft pick and an expiring contract. Now, their aspirations aren’t so lofty. Golden State, Houston and Miami have interest in Kaman.

3. In the 3-on-3 today, the highlight was definitely Zarar Siddiqi talking about the Hornets best matchup, where he said that the Raptors “start a 7-foot Justin Bieber at center.” That Bieber is former Hornet Aaron Gray.

4. Sebastian Pruiti has an interesting analysis of Gustavo Ayon’s offensive rebounding in his rookie report–

Ayon is incredibly active on the offensive glass. He does a great job of putting himself in position to get a hand on every shot that comes off the rim. The problem is that Ayon usually only gets one hand on the ball, so he tries to tip it back in. This prevents him from ever gaining full control of the ball, and it keeps him from converting putbacks at a high rate. If Ayon can rebound with both hands, he might get his fingers on fewer balls, but he will be more accurate with the putback attempts he does get, and will also be able to kick the ball out, reset the offense, and give his team extra possessions.

5. The Hornets have never lost on Leap Day.

6. Jake joins me at the Arena tonight. He and Andrew will host the live chat all game long, and I’ll poke my head in as often as possible.

7. As Jake noted on twitter, Xavier Henry led the NBA in FTA/FGA heading into last night. After that performance it hard to imagine that he’s not still the leader. I’ve rarely seen a basketballer as determined to draw contact inside as Henry has been this year. Love it.

8. Clipper Darrel (loud, obnoxious Clipper fan who really does a lot of good stuff too) was told by the team today that he can no longer be Clipper Darrell. What? This is totally an example of a late bloomer ditching their long time friend because all of a sudden they’re cool and not hard up for friends anymore. Stupid Clippers…

9. I was on Eric Ashers radio show today on WIST 690 for about half an hour. Honestly it was one of my favorite radio interviews I’ve done. He knows his stuff, and we got some good conversation as a result. One tidbit he mentioned is that Raj Bhathal wants 80% of the team. I’ll see if I can confirm that, and if so, what that means for Hornets fans.

10. It’s a fine day to be in New Orleans.

More to come


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