Doing Dealer Dell Demps: Volume 1

Published: February 24, 2012

We introduce a new piece called “Doing Dealer Dell.” Today we will assess a variety of things going around Dell’s head and around the league. 

I wasn’t quite sure how to kick this off, how I’d start to introduce this new segment on Hornets247. Dell Demps has been our General Manager for just over a season and a half. His first day of the job was dispelling Chris Paul trade rumors and trying to make a run with the All-World point guard.

He’s battle tested, as a scout he’s been around the globe and then some. What lies ahead we won’t truly know, but with the best information available we can begin to understand why decisions are made.

Enter Dealer Dell, a guy who works the phones harder than any GM in the league. He’s made a lot of moves in the past and there will surely be more. He doesn’t have an owner but will likely have a new one within the next month. Demps is a man who has seen a lot in a short period of time and he’s managed it all with grace.

So Doing Dealer Dell won’t carry sexual connotations, it will be a testament and a driver’s seat perspective to managing our New Orleans Hornets.

Chris Kaman and the suitors

Mr. McNamara has talked in length about how a trade would go down involving Chris Kaman. There’s no doubt in anyone’s minds that Kaman is on the block and that there are teams out there interested.

The two teams heavily speculated are the Houston Rockets and the Indiana Pacers. Both teams would like to add the seven-foot center, but both don’t want to pay up a heavy price.

As we approach the deadline Demps will be receiving more and more calls for Kaman. As the calls keep coming in we will see the Dealer get what he wants which is a combination of the following.

  • 1st Round Draft pick
  • Expiring Contract
  • Young Player(s)
  • Trade Exemption

Also to be noted is that once it reaches March 1st more Hornets players can be packaged with Kaman, increasing Demps’ options. I’d look for everyone bar Ayon, Vasquez and Gordon to be traded.

Stock Watch

This section will discuss the assets at Demps’ disposal, what is moving up and what is moving down.

In the Dealer’s Binoculars

There are a number of players that the Hornets can look to go after. It’s likely that Dell will most likely want these though:

  • Trade Exceptions
  • 1st/2nd Round Draft picks
  • Young, unproven players (with upside: Think Vasquez and Henry)

A New Owner, a New Lease on Life?

It’s been well documented that Dell Demps’ power as General Manager has been somewhat restricted. The goals of the organisation were different under direction of the NBA (like not giving a $32 million contract to a player like Drew Gooden over 4 years).

The Hornets actually have the 14th most salary of any NBA team in the league, however over the last year or so they’ve been trying to take on more short-term contracts.

This may change with a new owner and a few new young draft picks. Eric Gordon needs to be resigned and you can bet if we land a top-5 pick there will also be a long term arrangement made.

It will be interesting to see how things change under new ownership whether Demps’ goals shift, or whether he even has a job at all. I believe he thoroughly deserves to keep his job as he did his best with what was a no-win situation. Not only did he get good value in a trade, but there’s no long term salary beyond 2014 (that the team can’t get out of).

Trade of the day

We will finish with a “Trade of the day,” something the team may, or may not do. Today we’ll include two.

The Hornets get a quality guard to pair with Eric Gordon. The Celtics get some first round picks, youthful, quality players (Hill, Budinger and Lee are all having good seasons). The Rockets get a center and scoring option. I’m not really high on this trade, for the Rockets in particular, but it’s just something that’s been out there for a while.

Again the Hornets get a guard, but also a solid player off the bench in Brandon Bass. The Celtics get a high flying Josh Smith and a veteran guard which helps them make a run at things this season. The Hawks get a center to help out, because they really need it with Horford out. When he returns they have two very good defensive big-men.

So there you have it folks, the first edition of Doing Dealer Dell. In future editions there will be guest contributors as well as discussions on trades not just by the Hornets but by other teams. The trade world is one that is interconnected and Dealer Dell is right in the thick of it.


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