Solomon Jones Will Join the Hornets on a 10-day Contract

Published: February 14, 2012

Hornets will sign Solomon Jones to a 10-day contract.

According to HoopsHype, Solomon Jones will join the Hornets on a 10-day contract, adding some much needed depth to the injury-depleted front line. The Hornets embarked this morning on a six-game road trip.

The six-year veteran previously appeared on the Clippers this season, averaging 9.6 minutes in 10 games. He struggled, but the sample size was small.

For his career, Jones has played in 257 NBA games, averaging a little under 11 minutes a game while scoring 3 points on 47.4% shooting. He’s a poor defensive rebounder, largely a result of his lack of strength, and he’s also been foul-prone throughout his career. Last season he averaged a foul every 5.6 minutes.

With Landry still out for a while, Okafor having some knee problems, Kaman just recently returning from the… ankle injury, Lance Thomas still being Lance Thomas, and El Titan not being used to even a regular NBA season, let alone a condensed one, it makes sense that the Hornets would bring on some insurance before the road trip.


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