Game On: Trail Blazers at Hornets

Published: February 10, 2012

The Trailblazers come in to try and feast on the struggling Hornets.

Forgive the brevity of this Game On post.  We here at Hornets247 had a bit of a snafu, and I’ll make up for it in the recap.  Really.  I’ll make a reference to Star Wars or Star Trek and everything will be better, right?

Anyways, Here come the Trailblazers, who despite all their injury woes and record have the best point differential in the Western Conference.  When they win, the tend to really win.   Judging by the past week of Hornets games, that might be bad for us.

What does Portland do well?  They turnover the ball infrequently, limit shooting percentages by their opponents and then control the boards, out-rebounding opponents on the offensive glass by a good amount.

What do they do badly?  They allow lots of free throws, so if the Hornets want to pull this game out, they need to attack, attack, attack.  I’m not sure if they have the personnel to pull that off, though.

Enjoy the game.


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