Hornets’ Chris Kaman Will Return to Active Duty

Published: February 3, 2012

The Hornets have ended talks regarding trading Chris Kaman and he will resume participating in team activities, according to Marc Stein from ESPN.

Chris Kaman is probably smiling somewhere, even though this situation had to be annoying

As it turns out, Chris Kaman isn’t quite done with New Orleans after all. ESPN’s Marc Stein is reporting that the Hornets’ shelved center will resume participating in team activities. He was told roughly a week ago that he would be inactive as the Hornets searched for a trade partner.

New Orleans has decided to end those talks and recall Kaman, although it wasn’t immediately clear what sort of role he’ll have after Hornets coach Monty Williams announced last week that getting minutes for young players such as Al-Farouq Aminu and Gustavo Ayon was the staff’s priority.

I’ve contacted the Hornets, but have yet to confirm the news.

You may recall Michael warning us all about the difficulty in trading Chris Kaman right now. It appears that the Hornets found that out the hard way.

Regardless, this shouldn’t really hurt his value unless he winds up hurting himself. Everyone knows his game and what he brings to the table. When it comes down to it, he will likely fetch equal or greater value closer to the deadline when teams get a bit more desperate to add that final piece, and the restrictions are less cumbersome.

On a personal note, I’m actually glad he’s back for a while. There’s nobody on the Hornets nearly as entertaining on twitter, behind the scenes, or in the facial hair department. Plus this renews my optimism that one day Hornets247 will be able to one day get an awesome interview with him either on a hunting trip or at a gun show.


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