Game On: Suns @ Hornets

Published: February 1, 2012

The Suns take on the Hornets tonight after a long day of rain in New Orleans.




The Hornets take on Steve Nash and the Suns tonight in front of what I expect will be a sparse crowd. It’s been raining all day, Buzzfest was cancelled, and the Suns are no longer what you would call a big draw. Regardless, the Hornets will have a real chance tonight to get their add a win to their so far disappointing total of four.

Steve Nash will play, but he’s hurt. Monty also told reporters before the game that there would be a lineup change, although he declined to say what it would be. An hour before tip-off the lineup card still said Jack-Beli-Ariza-Smith-Okafor. Presumably Jack, Ariza, and Okafor are safe.

Those in attendance tonight get a free pedometer courtesy of Ochsner. I also got one. Yes… now I’ll truly know how lazy I am. Thanks, Ochsner!


  • The Hornets are now 4-17, dead last in the Western Conference and second to last overall.
  • In the last 15 games off the bench Landry is averaging 10.9 points. That makes him the second leading scorer over that time period. That not many points for a number two.
  • The Hornets have yet to win a game in which they trailed at the half.


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