Letter From the Editor: New Peeps and New Posts

Published: January 12, 2012

An introduction to our new weekly articles and the talented new members of the Hornets247 staff

It’s an exciting time here at Hornets247 and I hope that you all have enjoyed some of our new content these past few days. Whether it’s our new Rapid Recaps, our more condensed home page, or our new weekly content, we are trying to form a well-rounded site that has something for every kind of Hornets fan. Some of you are hard-core numbers guys (or gals), while others are more casually observers. To some of you, each game is life or death, while others think more long term and are already studying the 2012 (and possibly 2013) draft.

Our weekly pieces aim to satisfy all of those appetites, and they will be released as follows:

Monday: Our non-award winning podcast ‘In the NO’ with Ryan Schwan and yours truly will start your week off the right way, as Ryan and I analyze the past and predict the future of Hornets basketball. Our goal this year is to bring on more guests, be it players, local celebs, or members of the TrueHoop Network. To send us questions for the next podcast, tweet us @hornets247 with your question and the hashtag #IntheNO

Tuesday: Hornets Beat featuring Joe Gerrity and Company. Similar to ESPN’s 5-on-5, Hornets Beat dives into the most relevant topics concerning Hornets basketball both on and off the court.

Wednesday: Young Pups debuts next Wednesday and it is destined to be a favorite of hardcore Hornets fans. Through advanced stats, analytics, and video, we will showcase the progress (or lack thereof) of the young guys on this team as the season emerges. Some guys make the leap as they get more experience in this league, while others simply fizzle out. This piece will help to showcase who is going which way, and why.

Thursday: Tracking the T’Wolves. Let’s face it, we all have one and a half eyes on the Hornets and the other half of our eye on those young, but talented Minnesota Timberwolves now that we own their pick. This piece will give us a big picture view of how their season has been going and where it might go from here. So rest easy and focus on our Hornets, we’ll catch you up on the Wolves every Thursday.

Friday: Dunk that Sh!t! The ultimate mailbag returns with force as we tackle the tough questions from our most dedicated readers. Shoot us a question on Twitter (hashtag #DunkthatShit) email me at: mcnamarahornets247@yahoo.com with the subject line Dunk that Shit.

Saturday: Looking to the Future will focus on the 2012 draft, as we track the prospects that might be the future faces of our franchise. We will provide updates on the key figures of this upcoming draft and give you some games to watch the following week so you can shout your educated opinion from the rooftops next June.

Sunday: Hornets Player Power Rankings started last week and will continue every Sunday, as we look at how valuable each player has been to the team.

And lastly, none of this could be possible without the dedication of all of the writers who give their time and creativity so that Hornets247.com can be the one stop shop for Hornets related info. I feel like you know Joe, Ryan, Jason, and myself well enough- so let’s introduce the noobs:

Jake Madison is a huge sports fan who lives in New Orleans. As a Hornets season ticket holder with an English degree from Tulane, he felt it was his destiny to be writing about the team. Now he’s here. You can find him in the beer garden before home games and on twitter @nolajake.

James Grayson is known as the token Australian Hornets fan and as creator of the blog Swarm and Sting. He started my writing by contributing to a variety of sites from running game-day streams to posting analytical pieces on the future direction of the Hornets. He states that his writing style is quite simplistic and quite freely admits that he’s not the smartest guy on the block, but loves to think about the dichotomous nature of a sports franchise. If you want to follow him, just go to @jsgrayson on twitter and he’ll be there waiting, for not just your opinions, but a Hornets championship!

Chris Trew (@ChrisTrew) is a nationally touring comedian who splits his time between New Orleans and Austin. His “I’m Him” campaign to own the Hornets has failed miserably (so far) but his Tumblewolves and Trew to the Game columns totally rule. He plans on holding onto the title of Most Irrational New Orleans Sports Fan for as long as he’s alive. Trew’s comedy theater, The New Movement, opens in New Orleans this March.

Andrew Smith (@DruProductions) is a New Orleans Native & a die hard Saints & Hornets fan. He specializes in Video & Photography and is responsible for all the videos and photos on the site, so give him a shout out when you see something you like.

Mason Ginsberg has been writing about the Hornets for about a year now, and has been a season ticket holder for every season since the team moved to New Orleans in 2002. He created a New Orleans sports blog website with a college colleague called HoopDat in December of 2010. A couple months later, he got asked to contribute to SBNation’s Hornets blog, At The Hive, and wrote for both sites until the start of 2012. He is now exclusively with Hornets247, and looking forward to making a valuable contribution to this already stellar team. He says,  “I’m a pretty big stat nerd, so expect a lot of my columns to be numerically driven. If you feel so inclined (and let’s be honest, you probably should), you can follow me on twitter – @WhoDatHornet88.”


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