The Hornets not tanking

Published: December 29, 2011

With the way they spread the ball on an offensive standpoint really goes to show you this team is for real. They can handle the powerful teams so far but their defense is tough with the recent trades of we got from the CP3 & Pondexter trade has really paid off.The Hornets have scorers and size on the bench but the younger players like Summers & Thomas might need to be in the DLeauge and add more veterans because as this team heads on for a playoff run i doubt they can step up at this time.Hopefully they can sign Leon Powe or Solomon Jones at the (PF) and Jamario Moon or Ime Udoka at the (SF) i hope by march they can sign Aaron Brooks and waive that Squeaky Johnson.So far 7th or 8th seed for this team Geaux Hornets!!


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