Preseason Game On: Grizzlies @ Hornets

Published: December 21, 2011

Buzzfest. Live music. Beer. Hugo. Honeybees. Basketball. Those are the things that you will miss if you don’t come to the first and final preseason game at The Hive tonight. Sure, it’s only preseason, but this is your first chance to really see Eric Gordon/Commissioner Gordon/Air Gordon, Chris Kaman, and Al-Farouq Aminu playing in person. I would preview some more stuff, but let’s get real– it’s the preseason.

One thing to watch is what the deal is at the small forward position. Is it Q-pon or Aminu getting the primary backup minutes? Will both of them see time at the secondary position (Quincy at the two and Aminu at the four)?

Videos and more updates after the jump.

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Pregame Notes From the Arena

  • I’ll be on ESPN’s DDL Chat throughout the game.
  • Jarrett Jack averaged 22-5-5 in the two games he started last year.
  • The Hornets are 30-14 lifetime against the Grizz (in the regular season), their second best record against any opponent.
From Monty’s Press Conference
Monty- (on resting Ariza and Okafor) “They’ve gone really hard in practice…got a few bumps and bruises…trying to be as smart as we can.”

Monty– “We’re just going to see what we have tonight. It’s a nice chance to see Quincy and Farouq at the three.

Monty is specifically looking forward to seeing Jarrett running the team, and if the new Clippers can pick up the new defensive schemes.

Video of the pregame availability coming soon.


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