Hornets Ditch the Pregame Prayer, Add a Band

The Hornets, at least for now, have apparently ditched the pre-game invocation that had been part of the franchise for years under the rule of George Shinn, and then briefly last year after the NBA purchased the team. I talked about some of the issues people could potentially have with the prayer last year, and for the most part readers seemed to agree that it was unnecessary. The team also added a live, in-house band. Oddly enough, I also talked about doing something very similar to that.

Next up, I will talk about adding an open bar to the media room, as well as converting the court to slamball.

Presumably the team/NBA waited until this season started to ditch the prayer so that they wouldn’t have to stop it from taking place last year. The difference between not continuing something and cancelling it can be night and day in the eyes of some people. This was the right PR move if they were intent on eliminating it.

As for the band, it’s great to have a real New Orleans feel in the Arena. There are still a lot of generic NBA sound to be heard, but at least sometimes you will now get a nice dose of some jazzy/funky goodness.

8 responses to “Hornets Ditch the Pregame Prayer, Add a Band”

  1. This is stupid, how can you be offended by someone praying? The majority of the team are Christian anyway, so why take it away?

    • Because not everyone is Christian. And believe it or not, some people, due to their own belief structure, do not believe that Christianity is a force for good, and resent it being forced upon them. I don’t say this to argue the merits of any one belief structure over another, but just to point out, that part of being a majority is the privilege of not understanding how a different viewpoint may feel. It is not a matter of being easily offended. Rather, the point is that why focus on religion, a HIGHLY DISPUTED thing, when 100% of the people are here to see basketball? There’s just no reason to even go there.

    • Jake, were you there?

      They provide a moment of respectful silence and pair that with troop stuff.

      Isn’t that sufficient? Isn’t that better than a prayer led by someone likely not of your denomination? And surely not others?

      Also, isn’t that less assailable?

      (Full disclosure: nihilist here . . . Maybe I would be a Niallist if cheese weren’t so good.)

  2. Definitely thought of you, Joe, when I heard about the new Hornets band. It is pretty much EXACTLY what you said this team should do. I guess maybe the Hornets do listen to esteemed bloggers like yourself, and don’t really consider them all “writing in the basement in their pajamas.” Most people know that you guys at this site, and the SB Nation people over at At The Hive are waaaAAAaaaay more knowledgeable about the Hornets than 90% of the national media, and certain more educated on basketball than the Times-Picayune people.

  3. Fair enough. NOH Domination is right though, people are way too sensitive. I’m sure Carl or someone else will lead a prayer in the locker room anyway.

  4. I was actually saying at the game last night that the Hornets seem to do more than most teams to relate the team to the city. Just look at the logos and flare that they have. I really enjoy it.

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