“Tank the season” No way!!!!!!!

Published: December 15, 2011

All i hear from my fellow bloggers is tank the season you can’t just tank the season because of the CP3 trade,ownership change or any other shakeup.Yes it’s going to be a “shakedown season” the premise is to rebulid this season not 2 or 3 years.If the Hornets is have an no nonsense owner(s) they’re not going to tolerate mediocre.He,she or they want quality on the court,off the court and in the front office.Getting that lottery pick in the trade was great the t-wolves will tank this season because of young inexperience talent for that pick to be a lottery pick.We do have another 1st rounder 20th overall do you want to tank the season to have back to back lottery picks.Teams that had back to back lottery picks in the past would draft a boom and a bust in the draft.With a deep draft class coming up in 2012 you can always get a gem in the middle of the 1st round also.A team like the Hornets can’t rebulid within the draft they’ve an 1 to 2 year window til they become an starter but in free agency and trades you can.Get a player that wants to revived his career here then to get an opportunity to be here long term or somewhere else.An 1 or 3 year contract is a start this team can be an 7th or 8th seed this year in the playoffs and with more additions next season 4th to 6th seed and maybe 2013 3rd you never know.


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