Pundits against one city

Published: December 15, 2011

It’s so weird that we live in media bias world when you’ve fox news and thats bias to anyone thats an democrat,an minority,gay,non christian or an muppet lol.I’m not hear to talk about that but it’s the sports media world that has been talk negative about the city of New Orleans.Chris Mannix for example bash the city for having an NBA team,help to pull off trade from the leauge,the Hornets shoulda stayed in OKC or the talking heads at ESPN that are paid to B.S certain markets.If you from New York,Dallas,Houston,Boston,Chicago,Miami and L.A you will get respect and equal time no matter what win or lose.Even demeaing remarks from Vikings Jared Allen quotes “New Orleans is a third world city and he have to walk the streets of New Orleans he need a flak jacket”. Second guessing is for cities south of the Mason-Dixon line New Orleans get bashed more than Atlanta.I remember after Katrina ESPN bashed the city of having the Saints back in NOLA and said within 2 years they the Saints will be gone well they’re still here and have a super bowl title despite sports pundits said the Saints super bowl win was a fluke.I don’t like hating but we’re use to it but we love to prove you wrong we love our pro sports teams.We’re unique and we like it that way we’re New Orleans!!! Geaux Hornets Geaux Saints!!!

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