A Letter to L.A., from La.

CC:Chris Paul

Dear Los Angeles,

No, we really weren’t that excited about taking a Kardashian from you. We’ve been down that road before (see Bush, Reggie) and it’s just a big distraction. You really did us a solid here, though, because not only did you send us a few good assets for the future, but you are putting one of our favorites in a position to win.

There are a few things you should know about him. He plays hard—but he saves his energy for the fourth quarter (of both the season and the game). Just put the ball in his hand and watch the magic happen.

He loves his community. The man has a heart. A big one. He opened it up to the youth of New Orleans and to the city itself. I know he’ll do the same for L.A..

He gets mad at his teammates. Frequently. It’s almost Kobe or Jordon-like. It’s also a sign of endearment that you’ll get used to (or, the teammate will get traded/cut). He especially doesn’t like it when people won’t give him a hand after falling on the floor. Probably because he’s usually on the floor after working his butt off for a steal, a rebound, or a no-look layup. He plays like a fullback. Get used to that, too.

He really likes to hear “wooooooooooooooooo,” an audio clip from the immortal Ric Flair, after he does something cool. Keep in mind that this belongs to New Orleans, but I think you can borrow it if you would like. If we ever have someone worthy, we reserve the right to use it ourselves again.

Chris, thanks for 6 great years. Thanks for every assist and every fullback-no-look-layup-that-magically-goes-in. We loved you back and didn’t want to see you go, but we know (even if we don’t want to admit it) that our window to win with you has passed. Although some might boo, the Clippers just became our second favorite team. You will always have fans in New Orleans. I hope you win—you deserve a ring.

Next, the future. What will happen to this lonely franchise in New Orleans? Will Eric Gordon be our new star to build around? Will we get as lucky in the draft as we did with Chris Paul and David West? Time will only tell. We’re rooting for you, CP, I hope you’re rooting for us, too.



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  1. I’m not nearly as sentimental about Chris Paul. He’s wearing a different color jersey, he’s the opponent now. He didn’t owe us anything, he wasn’t required to end his career here. He’s moved on and so will we. He won’t get the harsh treatment Baron Davis got (and deserved). But, quite frankly, I hope he doesn’t win a championship in LA. I’ll hope against hope that when it’s all said and done the Hornets got the better end of this deal and we are holding the Larry O’Brien Trophy and Chris looks on with envy.

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