Hornets Training Camp Spotlight: Terrico White

Published: December 13, 2011

Today we’ll put the spotlight on the youngest player at Hornets camp, former Mississippi combo guard, Terrico White. He was drafted with the 36th pick of 2010 NBA draft by the Detroit Pistons, but unfortunately for White, he fractured his right foot in his first preseason appearance and consequently missed the rest of his rookie season.

Coming out of college he was constantly referred to as having an amazing/nba-ready/great body. The guy is 6-5, 213 pounds of mostly muscle. Add to that his great midrange game, bettered the ability to stop on a dime or curl off a screen and hit the J, and you can see why NBA scouts thought enough of the guy to draft him despite a few obvious flaws in his game.

He’s a natural scorer, but struggled with shot selection and with pressure in his face. While he has a decent handle on the ball, he’s wasn’t good enough with it to be trusted in high pressure moments, even in college. His assist rate at both guard spots was remarkably low in college, leaving little question that hes best suited to play two-guard in the pros.

He showed an ability to get to the hole from the wing, but he’s not a great finisher because he tends to shy away from contact, shooting tear drops and fade-aways instead of using his body to close strong and get foul shots. According to daft express a “frustrating lack of aggressiveness” in college, which helped contribute to his extremely low turnover rate (9%).

Defensively White brings the same NBA-ready body that he does on offense, but like on the other end of the floor he struggles to utilize his physical tools.  He has a hard time closing out shooters, and at times he seemed downright disinterested. That stands out as a huge concern to me.

His alleged apathy both in games and on the practice court will obviously not be tolerated by Monty Williams, even in training camp. If you’re going to make an NBA team currently with nine players who weren’t in the league last year, you’re going to have to give it your all on offense, defense, and off the court. You know the rest of the guys will be.

He’s also a member of Team Flight Brothers, which is essentially a collection of the best dunkers in the world. Awe… wait for it… some!


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