David West Agrees to Two Year Deal With Pacers

David West will sign a two year, 20-million dollar deal to become an Indiana Pacer, according to Yahoo Sports. The deal comes in the aftermath of a breakdown in trade talks between the Celtics and Hornets, which would have sent Jermaine O’Neal to a third team and a signed-and-traded David West to Boston. The Hornets were expected to receive back a draft pick in return, but like every other trade the Hornets have been involved in this off-season, it’s not going to happen.

I’m sure Ryan will have a goodbye post up at some point, so I’ll leave it at this–Goodbye and good luck, David West.

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  1. Any chance this makes the Pacers think they can get Paul to sign an extension?

    If yes then this would be an ideal trade partner. However i think its a long shot. Maybe get a three way trade with Boston?

      • Gonna watch some Pacers games this year. Seeing Dwest leave is the one that makes me really sad (albeit I see the necessity), more so than the whole CP stuff!

  2. True Hornets Legend, this is the true symbolism of the end of an era.

    But this raises the question… Who will be our starting PF by seasons start? Very interesting thought.

  3. As a 3 year (and counting) season ticket holder, I’m sad to see David go. But the realist in me is glad that the unknown with him is someone elses problem and not ours. I loved the guy as a Hornet and am thankful for the game winners and memories(minus his errant pass that injured CPs knee). But the guy is over 30 and it doesn’t make much sense to commit to him the years and certainly not the money. The main reason being that his salary would impede our “youth” rebuild. And I prefer the youth rebuild opposed to the “stay competitive” model. But I wish David all the best.
    Good luck and God bless.

  4. Honestly, seeing D West leave New Orleans brings tears down my eyes. I love you so much D WEST you’re truly an inspiration to me. Every time I watch you play you motivate me to act or play with my heart and to not take shit from anybody. You always bring it and play with a chip on your shoulder. I am going to remember you forever, this really hurts. Sad day for hornets fans… Keep bringing it in Indiana and get that spotlight you deserve

  5. One of my favorite players hands down… He always played hard and was a true leader for the hornets… Not many people could hold chris accountable, but he didn’t shy away from it(which showed that no one was safe)and showed the meaning of determination to hard work and getting better. Sad day for me, One of my first NBA games and he signed a jersey for me as a rookie… Much love and respect

  6. David West my favorite Hornet going to Indiana with one of my old favorite Hornets Darrin Collison – should be a great combo. I’m sad cause Indiana isn’t coming to OKC this year cause of the new schedule. It should be interesting to watch what happens to Indiana this year.

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