Chris Paul Trade dead again

Published: December 11, 2011

The Lakers have pulled out of trying to trade for Chris Paul amid rumors that once again the NBA was running interference against the trade.  Various accounts have the Hornets re-opening discussions with the Clippers and Warriors – though they now lack all leverage.  Yay.

I wonder how willing Houston will be to remain in the trade now that Pau Gasol isn’t available.  They were looking to pair him with Nene in a pretty formidable front-court, so I expect to hear that Orlando will move Dwight and Turkey-glue to LA, Gasol will go to Houston, and Bynum, Scola, and Martin will make a journey to just outside DisneyWorld.

And the Hornets?  They’ll field a team of CP3 and the D-League All-stars.

I’m not bitter.


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