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Published: December 8, 2011

For a hundred reasons, I’d be surprised if any of us sees Dell around today or tomorrow if the reports of the NBA killing the proposed trade for Chris Paul to the Lakers are true, even if something he thinks is better replaces it, which is doubtful since he would have taken that deal to start, and now the NBA knows for sure that Chris Paul is for sale AND the asking price, and they can now bet on their shot in free agency or undercut that trading price now.

More than anyone else, Dell is the one most affected by this. Not me, not you, not Chris, not `the city’, etc. He spent all this time and effort trying to get a deal done that would benefit all parties enough to get it done while getting the Hornets a good haul.

Make no mistake, he did this to help Dell, too, but that’s how the game is played. Drew Brees throws that ball for the city AND for Drew, so I’m not casting stones here. I love it when they do themselves massive favors.

Like the deal or not, Dell should be allowed to do the job he was both hired to do and told he could do. If they told him on say one of this negotiating period that X is off-limits, at least the waste and publicity wouldn’t be out there.

This . . . this is irreparable. Even if the NBA allows it, the hand is played, yes? The teams will adjust. Other teams will move. The plates have shifted and Los Angeles has fallen off the map in tradetown . . . well, half of Los Angeles.

After a couple years of bickering and more than 5 months of lockout, they agree to the CBA while this trade is brewing, then complain about the VERY FIRST act that may be done using the tool they carved and handed to the GMs. Really? REALLY?

Fellow customers, support Dell. Do some twitter thing. Gather at the Alario Center or the Hornets offices on Poydras and just chant “Dell!” Maybe cheer him at the preseason game . . . what GM gets their name chanted at games? Call the Hornets 1,000 times at (504) 525 4667 and say “Dell Customer Support” or something. Do it people!

NBA, let the man succeed or fail as a man. That’s all anyone wants. A chance. Dude’s a workhorse and dude’s a gamer. He doesn’t deserve this.

We don’t deserve it . . . times 10,019, but this is that man’s life and his dream and his time and his team and his job and his vision and his work and his mission and his reputation and his honor.

Dell, you the man.

Do your thing.

You got a cappuccino coming.


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