What Happens to the “Woo” When Chris Paul Leaves?

Published: December 7, 2011

Newer Hornets fans might not be aware of this, but the CP3 “Woo” isn’t actually Chris Paul’s. In fact, it’s Ric Flair’s, who was a good friend of the previous Hornets owner, George Shinn. Before Paul heard the noise after every time he did something good on the court, it was Baron Davis who was showered with woo. So when Paul leaves, the woo is by no means certain to follow him.

I’m not fully aware of whether or not the CBA allows for the transfer of intellectual property alongside players, or if that has to be done in a separate deal altogether, but for the good of the Hornets, I hope that the woo is a goner. All the better if we can somehow trade it in exchange for a million dollars.

In all seriousness, that woo will never belong fully to another Hornet. It will never be screamed with the same enthusiasm by fans before during and after games. It will always remind us of what we have lost, not what we have.

So I move that we either deal the woo to wherever CP3 winds up, or toss it in the garbage alongside the rest of our one-time treasured memorabilia. He’s a goner, and there’s no reason to hang onto the past any longer than necessary.

I guess I’ll keep my dog, though…


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