Chris Paul Preparing for Trade, Prefers Clippers to Warriors

Published: December 7, 2011

Chris Paul has been told to prepare for a trade from the New Orleans Hornets, according to sources familiar with what is transpiring in New Orleans. Although we predicted yesterday that the Hornets will likely deal Paul within the next few days to the Golden State Warriors, Paul is said to prefer the Clippers, who are also now said to be readying a package for Paul as it becomes more and more apparent that Dell Demps will look to rid the organization of him ASAP.

While the Clippers have so far refused to give up either promising shooting guard, Eric Gordon, or Blake Griffin’s BFF, DeAndre Jordan, it’s hard to imagine them forfeiting the possibility of pairing Chris Paul with Blake Griffin for the foreseeable future to keep either non-superstar. Clearly to get a player of Paul’s caliber you have to be willing to give up substantial talent in return.

Rumors persist that the Celtics are involved, but it appears that they exist only as a means to entice Golden State or the Clippers to put their best offer forward immediately as opposed to playing games. As has become clear, the Hornets are not going to wait around for weeks debating CP3 offers. By keeping the Boston offer in the mix, Demps assures himself that the Warriors and Clippers don’t get in a game of “who can barely offer the most?

Bravo for Demps on continuing to handle his first major move as a GM like an absolute champ. Let’s hope he brings home a deal that sets that stage for a fast and successful rebuild, making CP3 feeling like a chump for demanding to leave an organization so obviously on the upswing. Nothing personal, CP3, we just want to win titles, and it doesn’t seem like we’re going to do that if you’re here.

They sell lotion at Rouses for that burn.


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