Hornets247 Server Migration

Published: December 4, 2011


Tonight is the night, ladies, gentleman, and Joe.

We’ll be moving Hornets247 to a server with better hardware and more capacity to deal with your needs.

This move should resolve some technical issues that you may have noticed over the past year or so, including the limitations experienced during high traffic times. It may be a little faster.

We’ve also upgraded the underlying software. This will allow us to better keep pace with all the content out there.

Lastly, we have more control. We can actively do more to (hopefully) help you readers get what you need from the Hornets and Hornets247.

You’ll see little difference to start, but we’ve got some perks for you right out of the gate. We’ll be upgrading over the course of the season.

The process will take around 12 hours, and it may take a couple of days before any issues are fully resolved. In meantime, we have some requests to make of you.

1) Don’t post any journals until the move is complete.

2) Refrain from comments. Anything you post after midnight CST (UTC -6) will not be moved to the new server.

3) Hammer us on twitter. Ask, tell, retweet, whatever. Comment on the articles there. Or on facebook.

When you see a post on the front page that is nothing but a nice music video, you’re on the new server. If this is the last post you see, you are not.

See you on the other side.

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