New Orleans Hornets Games Cancelled Through November 30th After NBA Talks Break Down

There won’t be any New Orleans Hornets games until after December 1st at the earliest. Yet again the Owners and the Players supposedly came close to reaching an agreement, and yet again they found themselves unable to overcome differences in the distribution of basketball related income. As a result of yet another breakdown in negotiations, the league announced the cancellation of another batch of games.

This is either the NBA, a former fan or countless NBA writers who probably share my frustration

It’s another sad day in a long line of sad days for NBA fan. Perhaps someone should inform Billy Hunter and David Stern what exactly is at stake. Maybe that’s something that we, as fans, have not done effectively.

I have no plans to go so far as to say that I’m not going to cover the NBA anymore if they can’t get this thing settled, but the fact that it’s even crossing my mind is a testament to just how far reaching this thing can be for the league’s image and ability to make a profit.

In the past two years I’ve been devoting an ever increasing amount of time to covering the team, to the point where this year I was planning to do it pretty full time in an effort to really give everyone the scoops, interviews, practices and whatnot that mainstream media tends to miss a little bit. I’ve invested a bunch of money and time into Hornets Report as well, in hope that by teaming the two together we can have an all encompassing site that links to and talks about everything Hornets related in the world, a place where Hornets fans will be proud to call home.

But here I am in late October and instead of eagerly anticipating the first game and chatting with the new acquisitions I’m writing this ridiculous article which pretty much can be summed up by the following:  The Owners and Players are both pissing me  and a lot of other people off. They should stop before it crosses that line where they permanently alienate people.

We’ve been talking about upgrading both sites for a while, but where’s the hurry when there’s no sure answer for when the next season is going to be? Does anyone blame us for not being inspired to spend dozens more hours on a site for a league that can’t decide who gets to be the richest?

Thanks, NBA. You’re where amazing continues to happen.

7 responses to “New Orleans Hornets Games Cancelled Through November 30th After NBA Talks Break Down”

  1. I cannot really get upset with the owners.
    They are trying to fix what earlier owners did…and they have realized that a small number of players have learned to work the game in their favor.
    This is a point in NBA history where the rubber has hit the road.
    It gets fixed nicely…or it gets fixed by blood.
    Just as there are a majority of players wanting to stop the damage a few glory players have caused, there are a majority of owners willing to blood let to stop what a few larger, richer market/owners have done.

    This is all expected. Greed and hording and selfishness are all part of our darker side. The battle of life and survival is not pretty. A trip to any meat packing plant will show the ugly side to BBQ.

    However, in THIS battle, some have decided to make the stand and at whatever cost.

    I am with them. I do not want to see a historical game taken over by the employees, or at least the few pretty ones, for their own selfish reasons.

    Hang in there owners. The next group of players is ready to graduate and take the floor. A new and greater NBA is only a season away.

  2. “The Owners and Players are both pissing me and a lot of other people off.” – that is the perfect quote. I actually did not want to spend too much time with the NBA before this crap was resolved. The last couple of days that gave me so much were just too much.
    I agree with your sentiments hundred percent. I planed on being more involved with the NBA and in particular the Hornets (thanks to your blog), although it would have pissed off my girlfriend, but now I am even following the NHL a little and I am watching the German league more than ever. I probably wont spend as much time and money (for the league pass e.g.) as I planned to.
    In a time like ours right now I cannot believe those a******es are bickering so much and let their egos rule the day!!

  3. And by the way, I want that the players get their due – BUT the owners front the money, pay for all the players travels and all around (the players even get per diem in addition to their salaries) and are the ones that have to take care of the longevity of the team we are following.
    I am in favor of the owners getting the better side of the deal and I think a 50 / 50 split would be more than fair!

  4. Everyone are always talking about where CP3 will go, but I say that the question should be who can CP3 get to come play with HIM (a la Wade)…. Dwight Howard anyone?

    How about doing what you’ve set out to do and match the Saints Superbowl. I don’t care how many pieces you must trade, get Howard.

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