Memo to the NBA

Published: October 20, 2011

Mathew Tully of the Indianapolis-Star lays out what so many people are thinking

“Memo to the NBA: I speak for many fans when I offer this warning: We’re not coming back. Push us much further and continue to expose your out-of-touch mind-set, and we won’t come back. We understand you have your squabbles over how to split up your billions — the billions we fans provide you, by the way. We understand that your multimillionaire backup point guards want every dollar they can get and that your owners are upset with themselves for having created an unhealthy business model. But, really, we don’t care. I’m much more worried about the owner of The Pub, whose Georgia Street business relies heavily on Pacers games at nearby Conseco Fieldhouse. I’m more worried about the waiters and waitresses, the bartenders and hosts, who rely on the city’s vibrant Downtown and its many sporting events to pay the rent and feed their children. … So to the players and owners, I offer this advice: Drive through the struggling parts of NBA cities such as Indianapolis and look at what many of your fans are going through during this nasty economic downturn. Accept the fact that in the hearts of most sports fans, your league isn’t what it used to be. And then work out your squabble and get back to work soon. Because if you don’t, many of us will never come back.”

Don’t mess this up, NBA. Things were finally looking up. Get a deal done now.

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