“Pop” Goes the Season

Published: October 10, 2011
Pffft . . . Pfffft . . . Pffffft . . .

Pffft . . . Pfffft . . . Pffffft . . .

Pffft . . . Pfffft . . . Pffffft . . .

The first 2 weeks of the NBA season have gone the way of the dodo.

Today was the last chance for a nearly complete, nearly peaceful savlation. The loss of preseason games can almost be ignored if you just skimp on the bear claws here, a couple of cheese plates there. Regular season games are more valuable in terms of TV dollars and marketing value.

The pile of ducats these guys are fighting over just got smaller.

Each side is going to try to get the total amount they decided they deserved going into today’s meeting. With a smaller pie, that means the share they are asking for is proportionately larger. Thus, by sitting around, the “gulf” widens.

The parties are like two points on a balloon that is being inflated . . . they will just drift apart until something breaks . . .

The only thing that can save the season now: Pain.

The same pain that has been inflating the balloon is the only thing that can end this.
There will be no deflation by the love of the game, commitment to fans and cities, or even old fashioned greed since the NBA as a whole can’t even function as well as a paper bag in terms of keeping money that starts “here” . . . “here.”

Note to NBA: they give away paper bags at the grocery store . . . you can get plastic if you choose . . . isn’t America great?

If that isn’t twisted enough for you . . . the disease being the cure, the New Orleans Hornets are also bursting . . . with positivity. They have just over 800 season tickets left to sell to reach the goal of 10,000 full season tickets distributed, a total that will be over 50% larger than last year’s total. The team even has their own countdown clock on their website.

Also, with each game lost, Hornets season tickets get cheaper . . . meaning more season tickets will be sold more easily, possibly offsetting the drag due to the lockout . . .

New Orleans, the lone star shimmering in the long dark NBA night . . . talk about a reversal of fortunes . . .

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