Legit Trades (part 2)

Published: August 22, 2011

Here is another blockbuster trade.(Not with D. Howard)



     T. Ariza, M. Bellineli, J. Jack, 2nd rd pick


     D. Granger, B. Rush



Pros: They get an amazing defensive player in Ariza, a great pg in jjack, a decent shooter with Bellineli, and a tall big man with Mbenga(7 ft)

Cons: They loose there best player but dont get anyone to be that best player which means they dont have a superstar.


Pros: We get a superstar and a good shooter who will help us keep getting better and get us far in the playoffs but not a title(i think we need a good center)

Cons: We didnt get a replacement for jjack and we still dont have a good backup sf.

IND: B      Collison/George/Ariza/Hansbrough/Hibbert

NOH A-     Paul/Rush/Granger/West/Okafor



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