The best most realistic offseason move.

Published: August 20, 2011

Hey Hornets fan back at it again. Wearing my GM hat. After having some of my trade proposal called “based on fantasy” I’m here with a great offseason moves that has great value for us and maybe most importantly very probable.

Ok I have crunched the numbers, watched videos, and read rumors and reports of all the teams involved. Also this moves will be under the assumption that we have a cap of 63million and floor of 53million and a ceiling of 73million with a luxury tax of 4dollars for every dollar of the 63million cap.

These moves will contain multi trades and multi team trades. OK here goes.

The first trade will be with the Houston Rockets.

HOU Acquires

E. Okafor

NOH Acquires

J. Flynn, J. Hill, T. Williams

Houston- They need a C with Yao retiring. Right now they have a foreign rookie and Hasheem Thabeet. Emeka is also a native of Houston so he should be well received.

Houston- would be @51.3mil leaving them 11.7mil under the cap.

NOH- We deal Okafor bad contract to a willing receiver, and get 3 bodies 2 of which I have starting for us. On top of shedding 4mil in salary.

NOH- would be @41.7mil leaving us 21.3 mil under the cap

HOU- B- Houston solidifies it’s 5spot with hometown product after Yao retires. They only take on 4mil in salary and trade away 3 guys who have yet to play consistently since they have been with the team(in Flynn’s case before he ever suits up).

NOH- B We sheds a bad contract and pick up size(something that’s the goal this offseason) and bodies since we only have 6 guys under contract.

Ok trade #2

This trade would include Memphis Grizzlies and Indiana Pacers.

MEM Acquires

T. Ariza, J. Jack

IND Acquires

R. Gay, O.J. Mayo

NOH Acquires

D. Granger

Memphis-  The Griz won’t love trading Gay away (and may be kicking themselves later), but under the circumstances may have little choice. After signing Z-Bo, with Marc Gasol on the opening market, guys like Tony Allen not to far behind and not a ton of depth salary will be an issue. While they won’t say it they just made a strong playoff push without him. Xavier Henry getting healthy makes Mayo and his 5.6mil contract expendable. They get a capable replacement for Gay in Ariza for almost a third of the cost. Ariza will be able to be a lock down defender and is better as a 4rd scoring option. And to top it off they have a need for a back up to Conley, Jack will fit that role prefectly(he did here).

Indiana- Why the hell would they trade Granger? Two words Rudy Gay. And if he isn’t enough Mayo add some serious fire power to the Pacers. These two will take a lot of pressure off Darren Collison.

NOH- We get our on local product in Granger. While I prefer to have Rudy, Danny may be a better fit since he’s a much better shooter from the perimeter, and would be better in the pick-n-pop game with Paul. Aslo he’s 3mil cheaper this season alone than Gay.

MEM- would be @47.8(without counting Gasol) putting under the cap 15.2mil

MEM- C They need to shed salary get a decent replacement for their star and fill the need for the back up PG.

IND- would be @45.7 putting them 17.3 mil under the cap.

IND- A- I think Gay has the potential to be a superstar. In a vacuum he is superior to Granger and younger. They also get Mayo who should be a starter when the season starts(if it ever does).

NOH- would be @41.7(Ariza and Jack are pretty much even money for Granger)

NOH- B+ We get Chris is “Robin” and he fits us well. He’s better than West (IMO), 3 years younger and with out the major knee injury. A good perimeter defender not Ariza, but he’s so much better offensively it’s a major upgrade. Like I said eariler I perfer Gay but at 3mil more this season alone( and his contract grows almost twice as much over the next 3years) Gay is slightly out of our price range.

We want to get taller and longer these trades accomplishes that. Hill 6’10 PF, Williams 6’6SG, and Granger 6’8SF are all taller then the guys they would replace. We are left over 20mil in cap space to fill out the roster. We are still without a center. As many of you may know I am extremely high on DeAndre Jordan 6’11C is also taller than the guy he replaces. With 20mil I’m sure we can match or beat any offers, and still have plenty to fill out the roster. Maybe bringing back Gray or Mbenga as a back up center. The FA PF list is solid whether we lean toward defense with a guy like Leon Powe or Josh Powell. Or if we rather go offensively and sign a Troy Murphy.

The starting line up would be




For those who aren’t fimilar with the players we would trade for here’s some videos

Terrence Williams-

Jordan Hill-

DeAndre Jordan-

Danny Granger-



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