Tyson Chandler? Answer to our problems?

Published: July 5, 2011

I have been doing a lot of reading, thanks to 42’s Bee Bites (I don’t know if he gets paid, but by golly gee willickers, he damn sure should be.)


And some writers have been saying that Tyson Chandler is the answer to our problems.


While I agree Tyson is an upgrade over Emeka. I see him as more of a signing that appeases Paul and West. Our biggest problem last year was the terrible scoring droughts we would go through. (Yes our height was another problem)


With Tyson in our lineup again, our already proficient defense shall only increase, but the offensive end shall still suffer. (With maybe an increase in fast breaks and dunks) (Being a hornets fan last year, I believe we all can say that Okafor deprived us of such thunderous 2 points…)



My question to you all is,


When next season comes around, would you all be alright with our biggest free agent signing being Tyson. And the rest of the new faces on the team, just being some mediocre players (The equivalent of all the new faces on last year’s roster)


I myself would find this off season to be a little bit of a disappointment.


I want to add this though: I do believe that with a Chandler Signing, the odds of keeping CP3 and West greatly increase.


But next season I believe will be just a repeat of this season.

What do you all think?


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