New Orleans Hornets Coverage Gets an Upgrade

Published: June 24, 2011

Fellow Hornets Fans,

In recent days I’ve acquired shares of, and as you may have noticed that means change is beginning. While some (myself included) typically cringe at the idea of change, I can assure you that this particular variety will benefit each and every Hornets fan who uses the internet to follow the team.

I view HornetsReport and Hornets247 as a perfect match in just about every way. They are the two largest Hornets-dedicated sites aside from, but both have entirely different purposes. While Hornets Report provides users with the best forum that there is online, they have very little original content. And while Hornets247 has great original content, it lacks a forum for readers to express their views about topics that aren’t on that day’s agenda.

With this new partnership, that is no longer the case. Hornets247 content is now featured on Hornets Report, and Hornets247’s forum has been scrapped in favor of the bigger and better Hornets Report.

While this initial step may not seem like much, it represents the toppling of a wall, if you will. No longer will fans have to scour the web for the best news, forums, commentary, podcasts, photos, videos, game-day chats, and player information. Because of how all encompassing the combination of the two sites is, they will be a natural meeting place for the most hardcore Hornets fans both locally and from around the globe to meet, interact, exchange ideas, and talk about their passion– The Hornets.

As most of you know,  Hornets247 already itself to a high standard in terms of quality. But with the increased media access that accompanies partnering with by far the largest Hornets forum and being affiliated with the ESPN TrueHoop Network (which has taken huge steps in the last year), Hornets247 will undoubtedly be able to increase both the quality and quantity of Hornets coverage.

As some of you may have assumed, this makes us a very real player in Hornets coverage. Right now media is evolving at a rapidly growing pace and in an unclear but general direction–online. The Hornets deserve to have the exposure and coverage that only a new-age media company can provide, and that’s what we at Hornets247 and Hornets Report aim to be. With the continued support of the best Hornets fans in the world behind us, we can make that dream a reality sooner rather than later.

In anticipation of increased access and exposure, I have brought on a media arts specialist– Andrew Smith. If you saw my post about the Hornets selling their pick, then you saw his first work for us. He will be providing photographs (including sweet Photoshopped pictures), video of Hornets events, exclusive highlight reels, additional locker room interviews from the games, and other awesome media art related things.

The future is bright, and there is more news to come, so for now just bear with us. It’s looking like it will be a long, slow summer, but come fall (presumably) we will be in a prime position to provide the coverage and commentary that all Hornets fans deserve.

If there is anything that you can think of that would make the online experience better, don’t hesitate to ask. We aim to please.


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