Spoke to Bobby Jindal today about potential local buyers @ a Hornets event…

Published: June 9, 2011

I decided to go to the House/Senate bball game the Hornets were hosting at the Pete Maravich Assembly Center today, and Bobby Jindal was there. I went up to him and asked who he thought would step up and buy the Hornets, and when he thought it would happen. I knew he wasn’t going to be straight with me, but I figured I’d try. After pausing, he said “We’re making progress.”

Uncertainty sucks.

Anyway… it was nice to see him attend a Hornets event (his family was also there), and at least I got a pic with him-

That’s my girlfriend on the left. And if you’re wondering, I wasn’t a jerk to him, even with the direct questions. I shook his hand first. 😛


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