Published: April 28, 2011

Hi, this is my first ever journal history on this site. 

But anyway, I have come up with an important reason besides free-agent signings, history. 

Both were born in North Carolina. All of a sudden, it hit me. If Paul and West leave, it will be the franchises’ fault. 

The reason is this: this was the NBA team when Paul and West were growing up. 

Paul born 1985 in NC.

West born 1980 in NC.

Hornets started in 1988-1989. West is 9 years old (possibly 8  ) and Paul is 4 years old. As a matter of fact the only way this could reason could have been any stronger was if the Hornets were still in Charlotte, in the Paul and West’s home state, being owned by MJ.

[Note: I don’t think any ESPN anylasist has even thought about this. It does matter quite a great deal though.)


Clevleand took LeBron because he was from Akron and Akron is pretty close to Cleveland. (Kudos to Subway for pointing out that Akron is the neariest town to the midpoint between Chicago and New York City.) 

Trevor Ariza’s playing with extra fire in this playoff series because he’s from LA and after the 08-09 season, the Lakers decided basically do a trade in all but name via free-agency signings Artest in exchange for Ariza. Ariza is a native of LA. 

Derrick Rose being drafted by the Chicago Bulls seemed pretty insane. Considering the Bulls had a 1.7% chance of winning and already had a full backcourt of Hinrich, Gordon, Sefolisha, Duhon and Larry Hughes. (Duhon would leave via free-agency before the draft though.) D-Rose is from Chicago. (Unless it’s involving NCAA violations, Chicago pretty much skips over his 1 year @ Memphis.) The guy picking even admitted that they didn’t know what they were getting.

(Hmmm. Deja Vu with anybody, anyone? [Note: Portland was following common sense in picking Bowie, seeing as they had drafted Clyde “The Glide” Drexler ( who is closer than Kobe in comparisions to MJ, but never mentioned.) the year before. [The Bulls were the last team to pass on Drexler too.]  


Anyway, you get my drift. 

Point is now onto the free-agent plans. (A Journal on what the Hornets should do with their current roster for Game 6 should be on its way.)

Bringing a bit of Portland, San Antonio, Los Angleles Laker styles and bits and pieces of other parts are the first year Hornets: 

Monty Williams, Dell Demps, Trevor Ariza, DJ Mbenga, 

Monty and Dell have somehow managed to something Bower and Scott couldn’t do in a million trades and they did it in just 1. Jarrett Jack for Bayless, cut salary, get quality player, get player Paul wants to play with.

I suppose you are wondering why It was Marcus and not say Willie Green traded for Landry. Simple, they are 3 types of hot-shooting: Type A: Kobe Bryant, (Marcus Falls in this catergory) 

Type A shoots a lot, makes shots that belong in Horse games, team usually wins if he is very efficent with his shots. 

Type Long-Shooter. Ray Allen, Peja, names says all.

Type C – streaky 

Willie Green is a mix of all 3. Willie Green at his best is actually much better at shooting efficency than Marcus. 

Green also has a better expring contract. 

Speaking of expring contracts:

Notable Targets for 2011. (via-free agency)

Tyson Chandler

Marcus Thornton

Peja Stojakovic

I’ll settle for 1 preferablely Tyson. Tyson and West again, that’d be great. (They’d better give Okafor 6th Man of the Year though.)

Even Better: plus for West’s injury, he’s not likely to opt out.

Meaning our two superstar and all-star are both expring in the same year. That sounds terrible right?

It won’t be when I mention this list:

Notable Targets for 2012

Dwight Howard (yeah, Paul, West, and Howard would defintely have to take a pay cut of about 3 million each. (Though I won’t be surprised if Paul voluntarily took an even larger cut so that West doesn’t have to take quite such a big cut. )

Deron Williams-  I know, I know, D-Will at the starting 2. (Would be interesting. But unforunately the Hornets would see their turnovers increase from shot clock violations from excessive passing.)

Mr. Big Shot – Chauncey. We know Chauncey wants another ring. He wanted it in Denver. Hey, it’s Carmelo’s loss.

(Note: for all 3 these players, Chauncey would have to take a little above the miniumum and D-Will about 6 million.)

 So basically, I’m hoping Tyson and Howard decide to join up and give us the best front-court in the history of the game. (If D-Will came also, we’d have a problem for our starting lineup.)


Possible Roster after 2012 off-season


Paul           Billups        Jack

Ariza         D-Will?       Marcus

West        Pondexter    Peja

Chandler   Landry        Draft Pick

Howard     Okafor      Gray        


This could work seeing as all the savy that Dell Demps has done this season. It’s clear that that both Monty and Dell watched film on the guys they looked to acquire.


(I saw a perfect example from an old Philly vs. Mavericks game, Willie Green, Jason Smith, vs. Dirk and a Mavs. guard. Dirk is basically Pau Gasol who has never been labelled soft and with an accurate 3-Pointer)

Monty’s best resource: Youtube. It got Trevor Ariza outta a funk, and it inspired the Hornets to make Game 6 possible. (This is a benefit to having a young coach. Can you see Phil Jackson doing this? What about Popovich? Neither can I.)

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