How Okafor helps us by getting into foul trouble! But Unfortunately [for us] the LA Lakers do not understand this. Somebody needs to tell them.

Published: April 28, 2011

Okafor getting into foul trouble

Sounds like a diaster that we saw in Games 1 and 2. Ironically the Hornets won Game 1 and had a decent chance to win Game 2. When Okafor wasn’t in foul trouble in Game 3 and 5, the Lakers flat out murdered us. when Okafor gets into foul trouble, he has to come out. It also tends to mean two things. Number 1 The Lakers’ Bigs have to earn them from the line, and with 1 less rebounder should he miss it’s more likely that the Hornets get the rebound. But even if he makes both, we go to a better matchup in Aaron Gray.


Who else wants Monty to insert Q-Pon for Marco tonight? (Marco becomes more productive as he is no longer constantly guarded by Ron-Ron.) Pondexter can give us about the production of Marco’s 8 points.

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