Chris Paul Better Than Derek Rose? Huh??

Published: April 26, 2011

A note from Joe- So this guy is responding to the 5×5 on ESPN where I answer a question about Rose.

5. D-Rose was supposed to confirm his MVP status. So what happened?

Joe Gerrity, Hornets 247: At times it appears like he’s trying to prove himself so much it actually hurts the team. Why else jack seven 3-pointers a game and take so many shots on a bum ankle? That coinciding with Paul’s resurgence has really forced the realization that although Rose is great, he’s not even the best point guard.

Kevin Arnovitz answered that same question like this-

Kevin Arnovitz, Nothing, actually. He’s raised his regular-season player efficiency rating from 23.62 to 24.64 in this series. If you’re looking for an explanation of public perception, the answer is Chris Paul. Derrick Rose is an electrifying scorer and a winner, but there is an intuition to Paul’s game as a pure point guard that defies comparison — and that’s not Rose’s fault.

Winksm, the author of what was formerly this post, takes great offense to my assertion that Paul is a better point guard than Derrick Rose. Just for fun, I will respond. Mine are in italic.

He writes…

You must be the dumbest $#%hole on the planet to say that Derek Rose isn’t the best point guard in the league?

Are you sure about that? Because it seems like you are unsure. More likely you just don’t understand how to use question marks.

And you infer that that honor goes to Chris Friggin Paul?? That is absolutely hysterical.

Glad you find it so funny. Who else would it go to exactly?

Look at the stats you moron. Chris Paul only averages a measly 15.9 points per game during the regular season. Derek Rose averages 25 points per game…

I didn’t realize we were living a world of basketball knowledge where points per game over one season were somehow the number one indicator of a players worth. Is it the 1960’s? Oh wait. This has never been the case, ever, at least among those with even a most basic understanding of the game.

and led his team to a league high 62 wins. What’s better???

Judging a players value based on team record is another common argument from people who neither understand, nor care to understand basketball.

You are a f&$%^$ moron.

Here we go. Now your true colors are really starting to shine. I bet you’re a really cool guy in real life! Lots of friends, I’m sure.

Don’t post nonsense like this for the whole world to see. You should be ashamed of yourself.

I’m not, but thanks for taking time out of what is obviously a fulfilling life to tell me how I should feel. I’ll go ahead and not take advice from the individual who spammed the same personal attacks repeatedly.

That’s like saying Jimmy Clausen is a better quarterback than Dan Marino or Dan Fouts.

Yeah, Chris Paul is about as good as Jimmy Clausen. Apparently your ignorance isn’t limited to basketball.

You are a moron. End of story. Watch as Derek Rose leads the Bulls to another title you jackasss.

Thanks for playing, random Bulls troll. Good luck to you. The Bulls remain one of my favorite teams, and Rose one of my favorite players. Fact is, I have repeatedly admitted that he had a better year than Paul did and even argued that he deserves the MVP.

Of course, there is a but. Chris Paul was obviously not at 100%, or even close to it, for the majority of the year. He was coming off knee surgery that removed part of his meniscus and slowed him notably for the majority of the season.

Let’s take a quick look at Chris Paul’s 2007-2008 vs Derrick Rose’s 2010-2011:

Ouch, that must hurt.  The only thing that Rose really wins is points per game, and he does it by taking 3.6 more shots to score 3.9 more points. Those participating at home might realize that if Paul had shot more, he would have scored more points than Rose also.

And all you have to do is take a look at this postseason to see which Chris Paul is on the court right now. Fact is, Paul has been the better player before, and he is performing better right now. Next year he will probably be close to 100%, and he will crush the D-Rosers’ (the new D-Willers) collective souls in the regular season. You can bank on that.

Defensively the game isn’t even close. It’s Paul in a landslide.


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