Hornets Free Throw Woes and Some Other Notes

Published: April 21, 2011

After another poor Hornets performance from the free throw line, one can imagine that Monty had the guys taking extra shots during practice. That would be the right move considering every player besides Landry is shooting below their season average from the line so far in the series. New Orleans has struggled mightily from the line, shooting a mere 66 percent so far in the series in their 65 attempts. On Wednesday they were particularly bad, making only 20 of 32 total (62.5%)

During the regular season the team was better, but not great considering how talented Paul is. They shot 76.5 percent (15th in the league), and even if we ignore West from the equation, they wind up at 75 percent. The playoffs, however, have caused problems for a team that otherwise looks rather hardened under their rookie head coach.

Hornets free throw shooting through two games of the playoffs

It would be much more acceptable to shoot such a poor percentage if the guys taking the majority of the free throws were Okafor, Gray and Landry, but it’s the guards and swingmen who are really letting the team down at the line while tallying up the most attempts. Paul, Jack, Green, and Ariza have combined to go only 31/47 at the line, a mere 66 percent. Okafor, Gray, and Landry are actually besting their smaller counterparts, going 12/18.

If the Hornets are going to beat a team so many have described as Goliath, they have to execute from the line. Monty know that, and so does the team, but whether or not they will do it is another story.

Other Notes

  • Supposedly the Hornets have not received received a request from the Rockets to interview assistant Mike Malone. Bad for Malone, good for the Hornets. He’s been credited countless times this season by both Monty and the players as a key to their success.
  • I’m still strangely confident that the Hornets can pull off a shocker.
  • The watch party yesterday was pretty huge. By any estimate there were over 200 people there, and we went through four kegs before the game was close to over. Thanks to everyone who came (especially the Bee-Zanies who will be getting some love from me in a full length article when I get a chance). The atmosphere was really kicking, and despite the loss I think almost everyone had a good time. Here’s a short video so you can see just how packed it was-

And a picture of SuperHornets’ car, which I want-

How many Bee Zanies can they fit in that thing?


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