The Future of the Franchise

Published: April 18, 2011

Game 1 of the 2011 NBA Playoffs. Second seeded, and probable favorite to win the title for their third straight time, the Los Angeles Lakers face the 7th seeded New Orleans Hornets… A team that has seen a tumultuous season full of ups and downs. From winning streaks, to attrocious losing streaks. From watching a co captain fall to injury for the rest of the season, to watching their ownership situation collapse, leaving the team uncertain of thier future. From their best player, the best PURE PG that the NBA has seen since Magic Johnson, asking for a trade in the last summer, to that same Point Guard leading his team to a game 1 victory, in a TRUE example of David vs. Goliath. Chris Paul is 6 feet tall IN SHOES. The Lakers START two 7 footers and their shortest player is the 6’2 Derek Fisher, who outweighs Paul by 20 pounds.


Do I think the Hornets will upset the Lakers in this SEVEN game seires? No. As much as I LOVE the Hornets, and am absolutely in LOVE and in AWE of my favorite player on the planet, Chris Paul… I don’t think they will. But after watching game one of this series, I realized the potential that the future of this team could hold. Regardless of whether the Hornets win or lose, with the way game 1 was played, and the way CHRIS PAUL can continue to play in this series, we have just established ourselves as a PREMIER destination point for Free Agents this summer.


Huh? Wha? How? Is that what you guys are asking? How can that be? What the heck am I talking about?


Why would ANYONE want to buy this team? Have you thought about that? It’s honestly an investors worst nighmare. The team plays in an area where their profit margin wont be very high them. Their franchise player has expressed interest in leaving the team for a greener scene, and if he WERE to leave, you could expect to see the team and ticket sales to PLUMMET. And the rest of the roster is as un-sexy as any other team in the league. To top it off, CP had a year where he didn’t perform the way that had earned him the title of “Best PG in the League”. In fact, he dropped to 5-10 for a lot of people who still think he’ll NEVER be the same.


But against the LOS ANGELES LAKERS, TWO TIME NBA DEFENDING CHAMPS, Chris Paul did something that Deron Williams, and Russell Westbrook (2 TOP rated PG’s who had SUPERIOR rosters to what the Hornets have) could NOT do last season. He won a game against the Lakers on their HOME COURT. And he didn’t just win, he absolutely DESTROYED them.


33 points. 14 assists. 7 rebounds. 4 steals. 2 turnovers.


THAT is the Chris Paul we all KNOW AND LOVE.


And that is the Chris Paul who will SAVE our franchise from being moved. The League has been pretty adament about not selling the team to ANY investors that want to move the team. Because plenty have come calling to do that. But if Chris Paul continues to play the way he did last night, they wont have ANY trouble finding an investor who will want to keep the team in New Orleans. Because with Chris Paul putting on performances like that, it won’t matter where team will be, they WILL be a money maker.


What do you think up coming Free Agents are going to think watching yesterdays game? What do you think a guy like Tayshaun Prince is going to think watching Trevor Ariza go 2-13 as New Orleans starting Small Forward, and for the Hornets to STILL be able to beat the Lakers?


What do you think Tyson Chandler is thinking watching his best friend come out and put up an UNREAL stat line while only getting 4 points, 2 rebounds, and ZERO blocks from his starting center, Emeka Okafor?


What do you think David West is thinking watching his “little brother” come out and battle like the warrior he KNOWS he is?


The Hornets don’t have a lot of money to offer. But they DO have some. And if they DO find new ownership this summer, then you can expext to have A LOT more with an owner ready to STOCKPILE around Chris Paul in hopes of getting him to stay with the team. And even though they can’t offer MAX contracts, they will be able to offer players the chance to play with someone as special as Chris Paul.


That is why this series, win or lose, can dictate the ENTIRE FUTURE of this franchise. Because we have someone THAT special on our team. Someone who put Aaron Gray on the map, and helped him be on the ESPN highlight reel WITHOUT getting dunked on. Who WOULDN’T want to play with him if he were to do this for the whole series, and take the Lakers to 6 or 7 games when they were expected to lose in a sweep or 5 games by EVERY single “analyst” in the league?


Maybe I’m going a little overboard here. It was really only ONE game from CP. ONE good game after not posting even ONE 30 point, 10 assist, 5 rebound game all season. But something I know VERY well after dealing with injuries as much as I have… Sometimes… It only takes ONE game to remember how good you really are. And thats where you realize that you’ve already hit rock bottom, and there’s no where to go but up.


My prediction on the Hornets 2011-2012 CHAMPIONSHIP Roster, the year CP3 will finally earn MVP:




C. Tyson Chandler

PF. David West

SF. Tayshaun Prince

SG. Marco Belinelli

PG. Chris Paul




C. Emeka Okafor

PF. Carl Landry

SF. Trevor Ariza

SG. Willie Green

PG. Jarrett Jack


C. Aaron Gray

G/F. Quincy Pondextor


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