How the Hornets can take down the Lakers…

There was a guy named Jeff Gillooly.  Maybe you remember him from the Tonya Harding thing.  We need him and his lead pipe.  A little lovetap to Gasol’s leg should do the trick.


But seriously…….it could be a steel pipe.  Any pipe will do!


But SERIOUSLY….all hope is not lost.  The first thing we must do is catch them sleeping in Game 1.  Andrew Bynum may not play, and if he does, he may be a little shaky on his knee.  It messes with your mind to have a knee injury.  He won’t be the dominant force he was at the end of the season.  Okafor needs to step up and use his superior quickness to make Bynum move laterally as much as possible.  Test the knee.  Cut fast to the hoop. Move with purpose.  And Aaron Gray needs to come in and be stronger than he’s ever been, and make him work. 


I think Monty may even opt to start Okafor and Gray together.  Go big.  Use Mbenga for extra fouls (looking at you Aaron Gray).  Emeka on Pau.  Use that strength Emeka!  Pau is soft – bump him all day.  Monty is a Spurs vet – he is telling everybody to be as physical as possible – bump everybody.  Gang rebound.  Get nasty.  Start Landry at the 3 against Ron Ron.  Post him up.  Get him in foul trouble.


As for Kobe, I think Bellinelli should play him straight up to start.  Let Kobe shoot as many threes as he wants.  Even if he starts making them at first, it always seems to turn out poorly for the Lakers in the end.  His team checks out.  If he really gets nuclear, switch Ariza on him.  Keep changing it up on Kobe, with Belly, The Green Hornet and Ariza.  Keep him guessing so he can’t get in a rhythm or get to the hoop.


If we can start crazy strong and steal game 1 then we have a solid chance.  We probably lose game 2, unless Bynum goes down again (don’t rule that out – shaky knees!).


Game 3 we have to take.  The Hive will be rockin.  Follow the game plan.  take Gasol out of the game by letting Kobe go into gunner mode.  The Lakers will be in full scramble mode by then.  Kobe will be calling all of his teammates f@gg&ts.  Luke Walton will come in the game.  Hornets take 2 at the Hive.


Lakers take game 5 with their backs against the wall.  For game 6, David West shows up on crutches, and they show him on the jumbotron.  The crowd goes nuts.  Chris Paul elbows Derek Fisher in the stomach and goes off for 30-15-10.  Hornets win in 6 with a rockin sellout of 18,500 plus!  Phil retires in a puddle of shame.


Geaux Hornets!  See ya’ll at game 4. 

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  1. my theory is a lil too much to rewrite the scenarios but its written in the reply section of “Want game 3 Tickets”.. the main things im saying is to start MBenga,Okafor together to somewhat balance out the size advantage. plus Mbenga has decent footmovement to contend with a hurt bynum and weakside defense good enough to help out. ariza must do what he was bought here to do and thats SLOW down Kobe. Marco,Green and Jack must consistently make shots as a whole. Landry must avg 16ppg. and Chris Paul must turn back into CP3. the superstar he is supposed to be and Dominating Derrick Fisher. Mbenga starting doesn’t necessarily mean heavy minutes but adding size and bolstering a bench even more by adding Landry to it. Our bench is clearly better than theirs so we must prove that. (Mbenga,Gray,Okafor,Smith) at center must eat up quality minutes…. very possible outcome.. Hornets in 6

  2. I think the Lakers win game 1 and 2 with the Hornets. Then lose game 3. That wakes the Lakers up and the win win win until the Western Conference Finals. Where they find a battle. We hope they win that and go on to win it all.

    • I really think they could do it – it just has to be a really nasty and dirty struggle. The Lakers are big, but they are a finesse team. Except for Ron Ron and Bynum. If it gets scrappy and is low scoring we have a chance.

      Bob Licht wrote a positive article on the series, and pointed out a great stat:



  3. Also, Kobe will probably guard CP3 a lot, which means that:

    A) Bellinelli and Green will have to punish DFish and get scorching hot
    B) CP3 needs to pull out some o’ those old man moves and get Kobe in foul trouble

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