David West undergoes Surgery, desires Crab Claws

Published: April 12, 2011

Fluffy went under the knife today to repair his torn ACL, and his surgery was completed successfully according to a tweet he just sent out a few minutes ago:

Surgery went great. Sitting up eating hospital turkey sandwiches. Wish I had some Crab Claws smh!!

Typically, a torn ACL takes 6-9 months to heal, which puts West back on the floor working out to get in playing shape anytime from October to January of next year.  Hope the rehab progresses well, David.  And someone, get the man some Crab Claws.

From Joe’s double post-

New Orleans Hornets News

New Orleans Hornets power David West underwent successful surgery on his left knee Tuesday morning for a torn ACL. West will miss the remainder of this season and the playoffs . West underwent the surgery in New York City by Dr. David Altchek.

Typical ACL injuries require 6 to 8 months of rehabilitation. West is expected to complete his rehabilitation within that time frame, but at this time, it is difficult to predict the precise time of his return to the basketball court. He is expected to have a full recovery.

“After his injury, David understood the importance of getting his knee ready for surgery,” said Hornets/Ochsner orthopedist Dr. Scott Montgomery.  “Our training staff did a terrific job of helping David get the swelling down and regain his motion.  We’re thankful that David had a successful surgery and know that his hard work will make his rehabilitation process go well.”

Now that the surgery has been completed, expect speculation about his intentions over the summer to ensue. West has a player option next year for 7.5 million. It was widely assumed he would opt out to secure a larger, longer term contract, but now the future is not so clear.

He could potentially opt into the final year of his deal, and then return about halfway through the season to play for a new contract, or opt out this summer and hope that someone is still willing to offer him a big long term deal. Stranger things have happened.

Another option that seems to be ideal for all parties, would be for the Hornets to offer West a discounted long term deal, similar to the max extension that they can currently offer him. This would be mutually beneficial, rewarding West despite the injury for his years of service, as well as the team by locking down a player of his caliber at what would probably be a discounted rate.

Regardless, it’s nice to hear the surgery was successful. Good luck rehabbing, Mr. West.


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