In the NO Podcast Episode 29: It takes Collusion!

In a special In the NO podcast, the guys are joined by guest Scott Carter-Eldred, the Grand Prize winner from the Hornets247 Donations Drive.  He proves to be fun, exciting, and completely and totally wrong about one thing, but it brings down a champ!  Collusion!

As usual, we talk about the week that was, the week that is coming, the playoff seeding, Quincy Pondexter, the David West contract situation, and who the Hornets should target this off-season.

Lots of good stuff.  Enjoy!

6 responses to “In the NO Podcast Episode 29: It takes Collusion!”

  1. Nice work.

    Good job, Scott.

    I, for one, agree that the title was only going to come here this season if unfortunate circumstances visited a few other teams. However, we are so much better than last year, it’s silly. Given time to figure each other out, I think we could be top 3 in the West given a CBA that allows a decent move in the offseason . . . and an owner . . . once D comes back.

    Crap, too many if’s, eh?

  2. Hooray for advanced statistics! I also think we are better, and at a chalk talk the other night, Dell said they had the money and the desire to keep both West and Landry. I hope they can. Also, this morning Jordy Hultberg, on his B.R. radio show, said he saw Chouest this weekend and he REALLY seemed like he wanted to own the Hornets. Supposition on Jordy’s part, but he was around the Hornets for a long time, and he knows Chouest. Let’s hope.

    • It will be interesting to see what Landry’s price tag is. There are several legit power forwards that will be free agents, while very few teams have needs. It will all depend on fit and how teams rank those guys. For instance, who gets paid more: Kris Humphries or Carl Landry? I can’t say that either guy is an obvious answer.

      I think West takes the option or signs an extension, while Landry might re-sign for 4 years/25 million. If that is the case, the Hornets are sitting at about 55 million in payroll before they make a decision on their shooting guard. Not great, not horrible.

      As for Chouest, I still think he gets a group of guys together and puts together a 350 million dollar bid after the CBA is settled. Question is: What does the NBA do if Larry Ellison goes to 450?

  3. Hmmm. . . Tracy McGrady. I’m really fascinated. You do indeed make a decent argument. I’m going to think on this. . .

  4. My only thoughts on the discussion…other than I wish they would use simpler language…is “fraud” was a mean word to use when describing the team.
    First of all, considering what cards and money the Hornets had to deal with, I think they did a pretty nice job.
    There are a lot of teams that back into the playoffs or even use making it as a means of getting season ticket holders for the next year. However, I think this team really tried to get the best it could with what power it had.

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