Ode to the Video Replay Man

Published: April 7, 2011

There are plenty of things about the Hornets that I have a hard time dealing with, such as small crowds at games with a playoff spot on the line, Ariza constantly spotting up for 3 on fast breaks when he should be cutting to the goal, or the shots the Hornets consistently take one step inside the 3 point line or a foot on the 3 point line.  I will not address those here, what I will address is the shotty performance by the video replay man/woman at The Hive. 

At the Rockets game, in which the Hornets clinched a playoff berth, there were several missed opportunities for the video replay person to show the replay of a bad call by the refs or questionable calls at best on the big screen and get the crowd fired up and that person totally whiffed. Now, I do not know if there are limitations on what replays can be shown or not.  There were several times when the Hornets drove to the basket and were fouled and there was no call or the ball went out of bounds and the replay person could have seized the opportunity to show the replay to pump the crowd up.  You see, the home crowd is like one of those parents that always believe their kids are right no matter what.  The boos would fall from the rafters even if there was no contact or just looked to have contact.  One time, I believe it was Jason Smith (or it could have been Landry), he was just pushed blatantly in the back on a rebound and fell to the floor.  Replay….boom….crowd is into it and they are booing.

The Hornets will be underdogs to whomever they play in the playoffs, so they will need every ounce of help and energy they can get.  We cannot control if Ariza wants to play hard or if a player decides to dive on the floor for a loose ball.  We can control the energy of the crowd and this can be aided by a more efficient video replay person.  Let’s get ready for the playoffs and please….can we not play the Lakers in the first round?????


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