My Rant Against NBA League Pass

Published: April 1, 2011

I dont’ about you guys, but I have been having techinal issues with NBA League Pass.  I sent them this rant.  If you have had the same issues please fill out their survey at the end of the year letting them how you want it fixed as a paying cosumer.  Here’s to actually being able to watch the Hornets games : )


Dear NBA League Pass,

So far this season I had to put up with commercial pauses on replays where when they could be taken out just like at, forced to watch a Japanese commercial over and over again for NBA League Pass Mobile iPhone app, cannot access the games from the mobile app even though I purchased the premium package, had games where entire sections where skipped,  had games where the wrong teams where playing, had constant skipping and lag problems even though I live in Japan and have just about the FASTEST internet in the world and NOW on top of that I get this error when I am trying to watch the Hornets in the middle of their playoff push:

This page is unavailable in your area. Please visit to subscribe to NBA League Pass.*

*BTW this has happened two years in a row right in the middle of the season.

If the NFL can get it right using the same back-end service as the NBA, what is wrong with the NBA?  Fix this ASAP.  You guys should offer a partial refund for this season or a DEEP discount that can be applied next season.

My account is ********.

Jeff Knight

P.S – Take the commercials out of the replays.  SKIP from the end of the last play before commercial to the beginning of the next play.  The NFL can do it.  Can you guys figure it out?  If you can’t I will be glad to accept a position as the CTO for $250,000 + benefits per year to help you figure out your technical issues.  My resume is available on request.


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