Bee-Zanies addition to the Hive

Published: March 29, 2011

I think one of the best additions that the Hornets organization has added this year is the Bee-Zanies Corner. On some of the weekday games where the crowd size is lacking and enthusiam is weak this group really helps to bring energy into the Arena leading the chants and mocking opposing players. You always hear of the importance of “Home Court Advantage” and I think that this group of wild and vocal fans are the start of building a true home court advantage for the Hornets.


As Hornets fans we should all join in and support this group as they lead us into cheering on our Hornets against opposing teams. In addition to cheering along with them I think it would awesome to have a place to give them suggestions on chants and mocking of players for each game, such as when we play the Suns and Grant Hill is shooting free throws chanting “Over the Hill”. I’m open to suggestions on where on the site we should do this whether its creating a Bee-Zanies forum or just adding comments to the daily gameday blogs.


I think adding a local flavor to these chants as well would be awesome and would go along with the “I’m In” campaign going on currently. I’m not sure how wide spread it is, but growing up along Bayou Lafourche as a kid I remember chanting

“Glee, Glee potasa (sp?) you gonna miss it ha, ha, ha”

when others were concentrating and trying to make a big shot. I can just hear the Hive rocking this voodoo chant as we put the “glee, glee” on Dirk as he is shooting those big 4th quarter free throw shots in the first round of the playoffs.


Anyone else hear this chant before or know of any others that you think the Bee-Zanies should incorporate into their in game cheering?


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