I hope you’re not allergic to shellfish

Published: March 23, 2011

Last night’s Taste of the Town had incredibly good food. That is if you aren’t allergic to shellfish which thankfully I am not.  Most shellfish is rich in iodine which for some folks can cause their throats to close up.  I loved the goat cheese crepes with crawfish sauce and the shells stuffed with crabmeat.  There was however a lacking of non-seafood dishes.  Yes there were a couple but very few.  And what if you don’t eat meat or seafood then what was there to eat? Bread pudding and yogurt.  I guess you could have also eaten the rice that went with the gumbo and etouffee but how enjoyable is plain rice.

The set-up of the room was not conducive to a nice party.  As the food stations were close together it made for a very long continuous line to get to what you wanted had you not wanted everything.  What were the party planners thinking as in the past when casino night was at the Dome the rooms were so packed that it was difficult to move around and last night the room was smaller than the room we had at the Dome? Had the amount of people that had attended casino night in years past shown up last night the fire marshall probably would have shut the party down for over capacity. People might have ended up staying home and play casino games at การฝากและถอนเงินที่ UFA instead.

Sure there were some negatives to last night, such as why I didn’t get picked to try to win a trip to Las Vegas, but all in all it was a nice event.  Thanks Hornets.


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