In the NO Podcast Episode 24: Chatting with an Abbott

Published: March 11, 2011

On today’s super-special Podcast episode, we bring on ESPN Truehoop Founder Henry Abbott to talk about all kinds of things.  We talk about Contraction threats and if they have teeth, commiserate with Henry about Brandon Roy and see if there’s anything to learn there when it comes to extending Paul. We then move on to talk about “love of the game”, the Sloan Conference, McNamara loses again when he tries to refute stats and rely on the Eye test, and lastly, we talk about how the Western Conference will shake out and which teams are dangerous. McNamara is wrong there too. It’s a fun an intelligent conversation, mostly because there’s much less of me.

And yes, that’s a lot of stuff.  So the podcast is very long.  It’s fantastically worth it, though, you NBA junkies.

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