NBA Ownership of Hornets is affecting our ability to compete

Published: March 5, 2011

Even though I’m a staunch Hornets fan, I rarely comment on the blogs and I never write anything of my own.  But I just felt I need to get this out.  Either the NBA needs to do something to level the playing field, or we’re all wasting our time.

There’s an article on the NY Daily News website again today about Mark Cuban and Phil Jackson complaining about the Hornets taking on salary.  Well, according to the article, it seems we tried to get Juwan Howard from the Heat at the trade deadline and the league nixed it.  

First, Jackson has no business even commenting; he’s not an owner so it doesn’t affect him at all.  Cuban’s another thing.  He’s going to complain about the potential $25K it could cost him as his share of the Landry transaction (which isn’t actually money spent), but its OK for him to be $20 million over the luxury tax cap? That means he’s going to have to come up with another $20 million at the end of the season?  But yet, he can sign Peja, he can sign Corey Brewer, and its all ok?

Obviously, the Hornets don’t have any chance of operating like a normal team until there is a new owner, and that won’t happen until after a new CBA is in place.  Our hands are tied.  Don’t you think the other owners know that if they drag their feet long enough, that we won’t have the time to build the team into something that would make CP3 want to stay?  Seems like we’re between a rock and a hard place.

I guess the bottom line is, its OK to not have a level playing field, as long as the field is tilting in YOUR direction.  Any thoughts?


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