Hornets Drinking Game

Published: March 1, 2011

The podcast discussion about “Jack Off the Hornets Bench” got me thinking about a comprehensive drinking game that might be fun to start while watching the away games.  So, here’s my stab at it.  Feel free to add rules that you think are a must. . .


1.  David West says, “And One!”                                                         1 drink

2.  Ref actually gives DWest the “and one.”                                           1 drink

3.  Chris Paul rolls the ball through the backcourt                                   1 drink

4.  Okafor or Ariza make a free throw                                                   1 drink

5.  Okafor blocks a shot                                                                      2 drinks

6.  Smith, Gray, or MBenga dunk                                                         2 drinks

7.  Chris Paul does a fake bounce pass                                                2 drinks

8.  Gray makes the “Aaron Gray Face”                                                  2 drinks

9.  Any alley-oop slam                                                                        3 drinks

10.  Chris Paul gets a technical for telling off a referee                            3 drinks

11.  Camera shot of Hornets fans at away games                                  3 drinks

12.  David West makes a three point basket                                        1/2 beer

13.  Announcers say, “Jack Off the Bench (Hornets Bench, etc.).”           1/2 beer

14.  David West dunks over a defender                                                  1 beer


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