My Final Marcus Comment

Published: February 28, 2011

Everyone knows that I am a big supporter of Marcus and I wanted to watch a couple of games with Marcus and Landry on their new teams respectively. 

Yes I watched all 3 marcus games and all 3 Landry games on their new teams.

I am sorry that many will disagree with me but how the heck do you trade a guy with so much potential for a solid role player who wont push us over the top or make a significant impact to get us farther in the playoffs.  Yes landry is an upgrade over smith and other PF but he doesnt give us that extra push which marcus would have been able to do with more experience.

Marcus currently has 20 points for the Kings in 17 min against the Clips.  Landry and 95% of the league cant do this.  He has a unique talent that not everyone has.  You cant give up someone like this for a quality role player. 

I have always liked landry as a player and yes he is a huge upgrade over smith anderson and whoever else we can throw out there.

But the kings were a desperate team who likely would of gave landry away for a lot less in my opinion and i think it was an awful idea for us to offer up thorton.  Time will tell about this trade.

If someone give me a +/- comparision i will ignore it because this is the most overrated stat in basketball by far, ask any expert.

I miss marcus sorry and watching him and beno udrih killing the clippers makes me wish he was still with us even more. 


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