In the NO Podcast Episode 22: Bar Vultures

In part two of the Podcast recorded Sunday Night, we talk about the three games from last week, the four upcoming games this week, and talk about the New York, New Jersey, Denver threesome and the bar vulture that is Utah.

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  1. The most telling Chris Paul stats to me: According to Hoopdata Paul took 4.4 shots at the rim per game in 2009. This year he’s at 2.0, which is by far the lowest number of his career. In 2008-09, 4.3 and 4.2 of Paul’s assists came at the rim. This year he’s at 2.9. Again, the lowest of career. Those declines coincide directly with his knee injury

    Paul clearly cant get into the lane like he used to. We see it game after game. He wont say it but i think he’s still hurt. So if he cant get to the rim, and his shot is off like it was against Houston, you get bad games. I truly hope this isnt who he’s gonna be from now on because the 2011 version of Chris Paul can’t be the best player on a championship team.

  2. do we have room (in the salary) to sign Corey Brewer after his buyout?

    … He-who-must-not-be-named 16 in the fourth quarter

  3. these podcasts kill me, cant listen them at home cuz my apple i haves a POS and they work at my office but they have the comps set up so you cant get any sound out of them whatsoever (even with a headset) lame

    • Not in the ‘NOLA Posse’, no. He’s in the footage.

      I though Gray’s new ‘Clubbing’ look would have gotten him featured more.

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