Hornets Trade Deadline Chat

Come chat about the trade deadline all day with your friends from Hornets247.

18 responses to “Hornets Trade Deadline Chat”

  1. craziest deadline ever? These 3 days where amazing!

    Now i’m not that confident against the Thunders in the playoffs!!!

  2. Being a Hornets fan at the trade deadline is like waiting for the Ghost Army to show in Lord of the Rings and it never happens. This ended in a Thud.

    But on the bright side, with reports that Dwest will miss tomorrow’s game due to a death in the family, the Landry trade is pretty sweet for tomorrow… If Marcus will get his physical.

  3. seriously its amazing how much people are overrating Perkins..who btw is coming of a serious knee injury that it still bothering him. Between Perkins and Ibaka they have no post threats whatsoever. Yes, they are tougher and more physical but that does not mean they are better.

    Green was their most verastile player. He is the guy that gave us mathup nightmares and really burned us in the 4 games we played them. With no Green and no Kristic I am no worries about the Thunder at all.

  4. I hate getting my hopes up for trades to happen … booooo for today’s lack of transactions.

    I’m happy with Landry I guess! So we’re left to embrace:


    …against the rest of the West with the rotation stopping at 8 or 9-players.


  5. I am curious to know why Hornets decided to pull out of the Indiana trade? Who were we giving away for Rush? We need a talented young player like him on this team

  6. Denver has 5 centers active on the roster. I would have liked to see any of 2.5 of them in Hornets uniforms. I am happy with Landry, though. I’m also curious about the Rush trade. I would have loved to see Banks being sent out.

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