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Vitriol need not Apply

Published: February 13, 2011

Joe tried to point this out a few days ago when he reposted our comment policy. He put it after the jump, so maybe some of you didn’t read it.  We’ve tried things like moratoriums and having chats specifically about contentious issues.  Nothing has helped.  I’m going to say it unequivocally.

I’m tired of hearing the same tired arguments after every post, no matter what happened in the game.  I’m tired of the personal attacks.  I’m tired of the repeated name-calling.  So please, keep your comments civil, don’t repeat your point in every comment thread, and if someone else has made your point, please click “Like This” and then don’t post it yourself.

I’m all for people saying what’s on their mind, and I almost never moderate posts that aren’t simply spam – but I’ll be damned if this becomes a Yahoo! or ESPN-style comment community, full of vitriol and sheer unpleasantness. 

So, I’m going to start deleting comments outright if they attack someone or don’t add anything new to a conversation.

Please, let’s make this community an intelligent and fun one to visit.  Thanks.


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